Who Are We
Who Are We?

CodeEdutech is an educational technology company which is committed to changing how education to K12 is implemented. We believe that by introducing children to concepts of Robotics, Coding, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Aerodynamics and Design Thinking we can make them future ready and enhance the 5C’s of collaboration creativity, critical thinking charter and communication the pillars of STEAM education.

Why Us?

Pioneers in Segment

We are an education vertical of a technology driven company, CODE who are pioneers in providing AI and IoT based solution to corporate and government bodies.

Driving Innovations

We are proactively involved in research and development in the field of introducing technology into Primary and Secondary Education(K12).

Best Teachers

We provide engaging sessions for kids with academia and industry leading mentors.

World class Curriculum and Innovative Pedagogy

We conduct Hackethons and Makerthorns for kids on various platforms, National and International also, kids are actively engaged in organized Webinars(pros of Online Coding Courses), Talk Shows(Learn to Code) and Panel Discussion by experts.

Core Values


We strive for excellence in our academic pursuits committed to innovative teaching.

Ethics and Dignity:

We are committed to highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect and professional and scholarly ethics.

Student Focus:

We are committed to fostering innovative learning skill development for life making them self inspired learners.


We are committed to impart knowledge to one and all and empower the generations with skill enhancement.


Our mission is to prepare K12 students around the globe to be ready for AI revolution through education solutions. To bring the best AI knowledge to younger generation backed by comprehensive AI researchers and innovators.


Our vision is to provide holistic AI learnings solution to schools that carters to various levels of involvement from student centric classroom implementation of AI powered by STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) to resource enchantment through continuous development programs.

Gamut of Services

Artificial Intelligence

ATL Labs

STEAM Education

Internet of Things(IoT)


3D Design Thinking


Interaction with Mentor


Our Program Benefits


Students learn designing and programing over open source platforms like Aurdino & GUI based platform. Developing algorithms skills, Logical Thinking skills and Coding skills.


Students learn in a fun way with Electronics and Software Platforms to code everyday applications and control them from anywhere using the power of internet.

Artificial Intelligence

To introduce students to AI we are using our unique methodologies like Block based coding, Python based interactions and web-based platforms, sensors interfacing with R-Pi etc. to develop applications which enable face recognition objects recognition and AI based ChatBots.

3D Printing & Designing

Students learn about design thinking and its implementation with a range of accessories from wheels gears motors etc. and through 3D Printing learn prototyping of any model and its working in structural form.

Founders Team

Mr. Abhishek Srivastava

He has been associated with CODE since 2016. He is the founder and mentor of the company. Under his able mentorship Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) Pvt. Ltd. Has pioneered STREAM Education and has become a leader in the transformation to Education4.0

Ms. Reena Yadav

The confident women entrepreneur, leading team CODE and creating a valid support system. Having created an authoritative first impression, she moves forward with minimal support realizing budgets and targets.

Mr. Deepak Srivastava

He started Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) Pvt. Ltd. For the promotion of 21st Next Gen Technologies in Robotics and Aerospace Education. He is shaping and developing the careers of children today by the development of efficient and education. cost-effective

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