ATAL Tinkering Labs

Tinkering Labs is a project undertaken by the government of India for innovation and upgrade skill level of students of India. Main aim us to develop core skill set among the youth that comprises of design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.

Additionally, it gives inculcates the habit of a hands-on learning approach and practical problem-solving. We are focus mainly on Tinkering Labs are Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence and many more.


Set up Tinkering Labs at your school with CODEedutech / CODElabz

CODEedutech has been included in the indicative list of vendors for the supply and set up of Atal Tinkering Labs in the selected schools. We offer the following services to schools that are selected by Atal Innovation Mission for setting up ATL in Pan India,

  1. Design and set-up a tinkering facility with state of the art electronics and machinery.
  2. Provide an experiential learning syllabus based on topics from regular academics.
  3. A team of experienced engineers to train students in ideation, design thinking, computational thinking and physical thinking.
  4. Introduce students to advanced technologies and present live projects like humanoid robots, drones, machine learning artificial intelligence etc.
  5. Mentor students for national level robotics competitions, science fairs and entrepreneurial challenges organized by esteemed institutions like NITs, IITs & IIMs.
  6. Organize motivational talks by Industrial experts.
  7. Conduct intra-school and inter-school technical competition.
  8. Documentation support.
  9. Help organize an innovative forum among neighbouring schools.

Being at the foundation of Uttar Pradesh hardware industrial boom, CODEedutech has helped more than a million people convert their ideas to functional prototypes & products.

We have also been a procurement partner and facilitator of quality electronic components to schools, vocational institutes, universities, industrial training centres, corporate, manufacturing sector and governments since 2014.

  • In the year 2017, NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission announced that 1500 schools in India will get Atal Tinkering Labs, to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation across the Indian Education System.
  • ATLs are innovation play workspaces for students between Class 6 to 12, innovations combining of science and technology.
  • With the addition of the new schools, coverage of ATLs is extending to over 98% smart cities, 93% plus of the districts (655-plus districts). Its spread is evident from the fact that there is at least one or more ATLs in 34 states and union territories across the country.

Codeedutech Innovation for Atal Tinkering Labs

When it comes to education, we are the forerunners of experiential learning.

  • Incorporating and promoting the systems and practices of ATL, we have designed products and services that provide educational institutes with all the required aspects in one complete package.
  • We have designed our turnkey package of ATL for schools with the latest technology and innovation, embedded in a high standard framework.
  • Our equipment, products, and DIY kits give the students the tools to transform their ideas into reality.
  • These products, services and kits are mainly related to the latest technologies, such as:
  1. STEAMED Robotics
  2. Internet of Things
  3. 3D Printing


Our process for establishing an ATL:

  • We develop a comprehensive plan that details the timeline, resources and outcome.
  • We provide end-to-end support and consultation to establish organizational structure.
  • The tools, products, kits and other relevant materials required to set-up the lab is also provided by us.
  • After setting up the lab physically we also cater to its branding requirements.
  • Recruitment and training of a competent team for the lab also come under our purview.
  • Our experienced and reputed faculty and advisors map the course content grade wise with helpful detailing.
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