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The learner today is a digital native who is at ease with the mobile and computing devices and look for information on the internet. Schools’ learning has moved beyond classrooms. Certain technologies, like robotics, in modern times are making it a place where fresh creative minds transforms into a great minds. Robotics helps address the growing demand for teaching science, technology, engineering and maths in schools. As well as exemplifying technology directly by programming the robot, students also learn about various facets of science, engineering and maths. In today's fast changing economic times, it is imperative that the academic institutions provide opportunities to the students to develop and channelise their skills and talents towards meeting industrial expectations without compromising on the goal of academic excellence. Mean time, there is a growing emphasis on the use of robots, to teach STEM concepts to students in a much practical way.

How robotics can be useful for children and how they can be benefited with this technology?

Using robots and its related technological tools in school pedagogy will strengthen the quality of STEM education for students by enabling educators to use innovative learning materials & improved teaching strategies. More and more schools are breaking away from the process driven to technology-supported systems. CODE brings to you a unique teaching learning experience.
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CODE is offering different course for every stage of child. We have categorized the course and set the curriculum based on their Curriculum. Once they will start the robotic class they can easily relate the topics with their academics course. We cover the concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work.

CODE focus on STEM/STEAM based Concepts and activity-based learning which is complementing all academic curriculum.

The concepts of Robotics which can be broken down into four constituent pieces of Electronics, Mechanics, Algorithm and Programming can provide students with an overall learning of the core areas of Science and Technology. This helps them get a holistic view of the world of STEM.

Benefits for Students

•Student becomes the active learner

•Student will start programming skill at beginning stage .

•Student feels more confident after doing these activities.

•Strengthens research & problem solving skills.

•Develops logical and analytical abilities.

•Help students to develop Science & math Intuition.

•Builds self thinking which results in clarity of thought.

•Student keeps explore new technologies.

•We help them differentiate between theoretical studies with practical intelligence.

•Overall development of personality and organizing skills.

Benefits for Schools

•Helps in inculcating new teaching methodologies.

•Development of robotics curriculum to strengthen the quality of STEM education.

•Helps in creating innovative learning materials

•Helps in improving schools digital equity and economic development

•Helps in enhancing teaching techniques.

•Promoting practical way of learning through robotics.

•Helps in effectively meeting the next generation's workforce needs.

•It has a positive impact on the professional development of faculty members through extensive training.

Our Offering:-

• 40 hours course

• Winter Camp

• 2 day workshop

• Summer Camp

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