What are ATAL Tinkering Labs (ATL)?

    Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) is an initiative taken by Government of India to create a culture of innovation, scientific acumen, creativity and technological awareness amongst Young Students. It aims at driving the wave of change that empowers and encourages innovative ingenious ideas and creative approaches.

    Likewise, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) the flagship program of NITI Aayog, aims at building a background to nurture entrepreneurship and innovation. It includes Self-employment and Talent Utilization (SETU) to encourage the Grand challenges, global exposure, World innovation hubs and Self-employment activities especially in technical domains.

Process Flow


Atal Innovation Mission at NITI Aayog is set up government of India to nurture and build a scientific acumen, creative thinking, and encourage innovation amongst young Indian Children. AIM has led to the establishing of a number of ATLs in the country. These labs provide children with resources to carve their technical skills, These labs are equipped with software, electronics, mechanical and design tools. ATL has a vision to ‘Cultivate 1 Million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’.
NITI Aayog by Central Government grants resources to school for building infrastructure and avail tools and equipment. With these resources, schools can set up everything that they need for ATL. With this schools can encourage students to build projects with creativity and represent them in various challenges and competitions.
• Atal Tinkering Lab Eligibility Criteria for Schools: Infrastructure
• All-weather area (1,500 sq. ft.)
• All-weather area (1,000 sq. ft.) in hilly / Himalayan and island states, UTs
• Computer Lab with internet facility
• Steady Electricity connection
• Science Lab
• Library and Playground
• Faculty
• Dedicated & qualified staff: Maths & Sciences
• Reach
• Enrolment – Min. 400 students in Grade VI – X
• Enrolment – Min. 250 students in Grade VI – X in hilly states
• Regular attendance of 75% & above of the staff & enrolled students over the past 3 years

NITI Aayog provides financial aids of Rs. 20 Lakh. To each ATL, One time fund of Rs 10 Lakh is provided to each ATL as Establishment Charge.This is given in first year to establish resources such as instruments, Do- it yourself kits, electronic tools, software, 3D printer etc.

Then an amount of Rs. 10 Lakh is provided over a period of 5 years to each ATL as maintenance cost, optimizing content for lectures, organizing events like innovation competitions, science activities, Science lecture series or other activities. This amount also includes payment to faculty and mentors guiding the competitions or lectures.

• Percentage of students gaining 60-69.99% in Class 10th and 12th boards for last 3 years.
• Percentage of students gaining 70-79.99% in Class 10th and 12th boards for last 3 years.
• Percentage of students gaining 80-89.99% in Class 10th and 12th boards for last 3 years.
• Percentage of students gaining over 90% in Class 10th and 12th boards for last 3 years.
• Participation involvement in Science Innovation events.

The schools that wish to establish ATL have to visit , fill the application online and submit to Atal Innovation Mission at NITI Aayog.

Once the ATL grant is approved, schools can begin with preparing the space, by coloring of rooms, doing light fitting, connectivity of internet and all infrascture related set up.

During this, the school also has to select a vendor to buy required tools and equipments.

After the tools are purchased, Schools are supposed to train the teachers for ATL. At first they should let all the students visit the lab and perform activities and experiments, Post which, school can choose interested students for regular lab visits and sessions. All the students should be free to share their creativity at ATL

Our ATL Implementation Plan

Pre- Requisite for IT

    A structured list mentioning all the technical requirements like Laptop/PC, Internet connectivity, etc. All technical requirements such as Internet connection, Laptop/PC etc be mentioned in a list

Procurement of Equipment

    CodeEdutech provides P1, P2, P3, and P4 ATL packages at school at very reasonable prices

    CodeEdutech assists in Lab Designing

    CodeEdutech supports in Lab infrastructure management

    CodeEdutech provides details of Computers, Projectors and other equipment required for training

Lab Designing & Installation

    At CodeEdutech, proper assistance is provided for the setup of labs by our engineering team. A well trained faculty ensures that all the concepts and learning of training are grasped by students. CodeEdutech Engineering team provides the assistance during the setup of lab.

Mapped Curriculum Content as per CBSE,ICSE guidelines

    At CodeEdutech we have research led teaching methodologies with which, teachers can demonstrate the concepts of Mathematics, Science and Social studies in interesting and experimental manner during classroom sessions. These aids are properly aligned with syllabus from CBSE, ISCE and State’s Education Board

Training and Demonstration of Equipment as per packages offered in ATL

    CodeEdutech Engineering team provides the pre-requisite training to teachers and students. School authorities are well briefed by CodeEdutech over the course curriculum, methodology of training, and any setup required. An outline of Engineering Design principles and for Product development are provided by CodeEdutech, we also run-through assignment, projects or tasks for students

    To ensure proper training of students, teachers are also trained by professional instructors on different required concepts

CodeEdutech Mentor-Connect Program

    CodeEdutech connects schools to experienced mentors from the industry, academia, IITs, and government bodies etc.

    CodeEdutech, in addition, connects schools to various Industries and Technocrats.Schools are connected to various highly experienced Mentors from their field of expertise. These are reputed professional from best graded colleges, Government organizations, academicians etc.

    Not just that, CodeEdutech also connects schools to Industry Maestros and experts

CodeEdutech Assisted Activities at School

    A curriculum developed by researchers and experts is provided by CodeEdutech to support in better teaching and explanation of all concepts. These modules cover everything from Introduction to formulation, Designing to developing, Connectivity to modelling everything.

    Students are also exposed to regular competition organised on state, national and global level by CodeEdutech. We organise different workshops, exhibitions. Science fairs on different product building, technologies, fun activities etc. CodeEdutech ensures a connect between schools and industry is maintained, this involves periodic interactions with notable people from industry, other schools and colleges as well.

    For this, CodeEdutech also organises and avails comprehensive knowledge sharing talks from speakers all around the world.

CodeEdutech Online Support

Considering the need of the hour, Online sessions, lectures and webinars are
arranged by CodeEdutech from industry experts all around the world.

Package P1(Sensor and IoT)

    ATL Package 1 contains components for Electronics Development, Internet of Things & Sensors, Robotics and DIY Kits. An all-in-one electronics prototyping device: Sensors, Arduino Bords, Actuators and DIY Kits comprising of necessary components. The DIY kits is for advanced level learning and activities. The kit also comes with digital learning content that foster your innovation and learning. Along with all this, CodeEdutech’s Tinkering Kit is an original Electric Motors Catalyst kit that kids can build a robot that doodles, moves or spins.

    Key Features: Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things & Sensors.

Package P2 (Rapid Prototyping Tools)

    This includes handover of Rapid Prototyping Tools like 3D Printer, Filaments-PLA, Arts & Crafts with 2 years Warranty. ATL Package 2 contains components for 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and DIY Crafting. This package is basically for product design development. The 3D printer is based on Adventure 3 with material compatibility PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) which is biodegradable along with ABS. We provide a two year comprehensive warranty at no additional cost (including for 3D printer).

    Key Features: Rapid Prototyping Tools and Equipment.

Package P3 (Advances Mechanical Tools)

    ATL Package 3 contains components for Electronics and Mechanical Prototyping. The best in quality and brand equipment and tools are provided. Mechanical tools like Soldering Iron, Multimeter, etc.

    Key Features: Mechanical, Electrical and Measurement Tools

Package P4 (Construction Kits and Safety Equipment

    ATL Package 4 contains components for DIY Tinkering and Safety. Safety is the most essential part of any creativity and innovation and so we make that every lab is safe and secured for each little innovator. We provide all the necessary safety equipment under the guidelines of Niti Aayog, Govt. of India, like Safety Goggles for chemical splash and some from soldering, Fire Extinguishers, Standard First Aid Kits,etc.

    Key Features: Power Supply & Accessories and Safety.