Smart phones! Smart Watches! Smart Bulbs to Smart Homes, This era is that of Smart devices. These smart devices, personal assistants, Connected devices are all examples of Artificial Intelligence. Siri, Alexa, Google have become our day to day interactions

    Artificial Intelligence is making computers or devices, think and process like human intellect would. It enables computers to make decisions, translate, do logical thinking, automate manual tasks or provide digital assistance. AI has made every fiction a reality today

    An application of AI is Machine Learning

    This specifically deals with making the machines think and act like humans.It enables the systems to learn from experiences and data. Amazon, Netflix, Google cars everything uses ML, we use ML at more places than we know.

Different Aspects of AI

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Increasing yield by using prediction models, Weather monitoring, soil monitoring, analytics etc

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By integrating these concepts in syllabus, by robot chat bots, online tutorials, etc

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Use of chatbots in mobile apps, automated tradings, market analysis etc

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Robots for all automated works, Patient data storage and analytics etc

    Why AI?

    Basically, today every sector uses artificial intelligence to optimize time, effort and manual labour, it increases the efficiency and productivity without compromising with quality. AI leads to a human error free result.

    Advantages of Learning AI for students

    Education sector too is deeply influenced by AI and all for good. AI has been changing the way traditional school curriculum is. By embedding the concept of AI in syllabus, a lot more concentration and innovation is observed in students.

    Government has also been promoting education integrated with technology like AI, Robotics, etc

    The applications and learnings of AI lead to a more aware and logical mindset, that is ready to embrace challenges from throughout the world. While traditional methods of education increase the memory and understanding of a student, AI for K12 students increases their critical and logical thinking ability. It enhances their personality and makes them ready to perform. AI incorporated with STEAM syllabus makes students more productive, creative and makes their brain much more fertile to come up with innovative ideas. Learning AI is a more interactive and catching way of study. It makes them understand the concepts rather than just knowing them. With this they can actually apply the concepts of science, maths, arts etc into developing applications i.e they learn to imply the knowledge that they gathered and excel in practical life.

    AI is one technology that is driving the storm of changes and it has never been more useful than now. By enabling this in education, we empower students to have a hands on experience with most prominent technologies and have practical implications of all the knowledge they gain