Curriculum Development

  • CodeEdutech offers learning courses that complement and strengthen the conceptual grounding of students by integrating technologies like AI, Robotics, IoT with regular school syllabus. These learning programs are developed after deep research by subject maestros and are led by professionals. When students have a hands on with these technologies, they are more globally competent, Logical and develop technical acumen.
  • The deep insights and expertise gained from these programs enable students to carve a niche in creativity and innovations. These help them build a sharp mind and a logical outlook by integrating the essentials of technology in subject curriculum.
  • These learning programs on technology and coding are easily integrated with school syllabus i.e STEAM to gain an edge over others by having expertise in latest trends and technologies. When IoT, AI, robotics are coupled with regular school curriculum, it stimulates creativity and innovation amongst students. With this they also have access to various tools and software required, they also have assessments, learning and various interactive sessions.
  • Mapped curriculum in synchronization with CBSE, ICSE & SSC Education Boards