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Two most popular technology of current industry, Internet of Things(IOT) and Big Data Hadoop.
Both of them are very important in current era. Every industry is moving towards these technologies. So, what is IOT and Big Data Hadoop?
Internet of Things is the ability of devices which can sense and collect data, and then share that data across the Internet where it can be processed and utilized.
This was the theoretical description of IOT, coming towards the practical applications of IOT which include :-

  • Smart Home (using appliances of home by your cell phone or wearable devices)
  • Wearable’s (Wearable devices are installed with sensors and software's which collect data and information about the users).
  • Connected cars (It is a vehicle which can optimize its operation, maintenance using sensors and report users every single data).

Now coming towards the concept of how is Big Data Hadoop involved with IOT?
The answer to the question is all the devices that are interconnected produce massive amount of data which is important to store and analyze. This data is important to get insights of all the things.
But the data generated is not small. So how the companies are going to store such a huge amount of data? Are they still going to use traditional database to process the data?
The solution to this problem is Hadoop. It is a framework provided by Doug Cutting to store data in terabytes and gigabytes. It has hdfs architecture which can store all the data generated by the sensors used in networked devices. There are different hadoop tools for ingestion, analysis and processing of data which helps in giving insights of all the devices.

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