Robotics Automation :

Robotics Automation : “BEHIND EVERY FIRM BUILDING, THERE IS A FOUNDATION OF BRICKS”!! The vast range of competitive opportunities leads to disappointment to students facing world today. An intelligence test, aptitude test and personality test is determining candidates ability to get indulge in any opportunity. This creates a need to introduce a STEM based Robotics course from very beginning of age that is Pre-School on wards.


Robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technology advances. Research, Design, and Building of new robots is shaping its role, so that it could work on various practical purposes, whether domestically, commercially, or militarily.

Many robots today are built to get replaced for the jobs that are hazardous to people, like Defusing bombs, Exploring mines to reduce heavy loss to mankind. Government of India had been yesterday, and in continuation today even, concerned about the problems mentioned, of which major part can be solved using robotics and its applications.

Center of Digital Excellence is a leading organization which is filling the gap in field of Robotics along with unique initiative of indulging it with Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. For example: Home automation system monitoring Humanoid.

We in association with Lawrence Tech and University of West Florida designed a curriculum for school student, organize international events like ROBOFESTand developed multi usage robotic kit which makes students to build and program a robot in fun and learn manner. In learning and development, focus is laid on reasoning and aptitude ability to get enhanced skills along with academics, by making them participate in international competitions like WRO, IRL and FLL.

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