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Robot :

In Code Pvt. Ltd Robotics is define as a A Machine Capable of carrying out a complex series of action automatically, specially one programmable by a computer. An electro-mechanical machine that can do the work of a person and that works automatically or is controlled by a computer is defined as a robot.  It is a device that can perform automatically or through some controlling device.

Robotics, CODE Pvt. Ltd. Center Of Digital Excellence


Behind every building there is a strong foundation, so lets educate our younger generation in such a way that they will not lack behind in any field. CODE present robotics as a medium to give students practical hands-on experiences to faster their curiosity, creativity & imagination and inoculate skill such as design mind set, computational thinking , etc.

Benefits of Robotics :

The benefits of teaching Robotics in schools include:

Student find it engaging and enjoyable
Student learn 21st century skills, which are useful for future employment
Robotics is suitable for student with a range of abilities
Robotics develops students critical and computational thinking skills.
It is an effective way to introduce programming to student.

Benefits for students :

  • They get the change to work and learn in their favorite domain
    They can match up them with foreign students in terms of technology
    Ethics to work in a team
    make them get apart from other useless activities

Robotics is a branch of technology that deal with the design, construction, operation and application of robots
the machine carrying out a complex series of action automatically, specially one program by a computer is defined as a robot. Robot must be able to perform a certain task, assign within a given limitation, regardless of these limitation being human controlled or automatic.


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